Ten for Ten: Part 3 – You too should have a blog

Here are some of my top reasons why you too should write a blog:

Creating and maintaining a blog is fairly straightforward technically – I have said it before, you are smarter than you think.

1. You can make a decent looking blog for free – I use the free version of wordpress and there are many great templates to choose from.  A few years ago, I switched to a different template and easily converted over two hundred pieces to the new format.

2. If you keep it simple, it won’t take very long to set up a blog. It took me a couple of hours at most and much of that time was likely due to setting up a search function and a sign up button which are not crucial.

3. Many of your existing skills are transferrable to creating a blog. Blogs are basically a word-processing tool with a few more bells and whistles.

4. If you want a blog and don’t want to create it, pay someone to do it for you after feeding them inspiration from blogs you like.

Blogging will improve your writing and is helpful for archiving.

4. It is a great way to keep an archive of articles you have read and written that are important to you.  For my most popular blog posts, it is a lot easier to send a link than to try to find that email where you explained that thing a while ago.  

5. Your pieces (or even the entire blog) can be edited or deleted easily if they no longer please or interest you.  

6. Blogs are a chance to tune up your writing skills and deepen your learning.  When I bite off a topic and think I have lots to say, I inevitably get stalled on an element I have to think through or research more fully. 

Blogging is freeing but takes courage

6. If you work in a bureaucracy like I do, it is satisfying and frankly refreshing to be allowed to publish something that goes from your fingers to the page and out.  I know you may also be terrified. Keep reading.

7. Blogging is worth the terror because of the eventual reward of deepening your thinking and perhaps even connecting with other people.  If you are used to having your work reviewed and never being put in front of a public audience, pushing things to a blog can be daunting.  But, if you flub something and take a position that is too strong etc., like much of life, it is a mistake that can be corrected – see #5.  

Blogs are a balm for introverts

10. Discussing having a blog will kill at least a few minutes of the dreaded small talk.

11. The blog has supported me to make some wonderful connections including writing a piece for Merge Gupta-Sunderji in the early days about why your employees won’t give you feedback, and getting the chance to interview Dan Dubeau about volunteer management. 

12. Keeping a blog can be a helpful way to establish your track record and credibility in a particular domain.

Your contribution, even if small, is still a contribution

13. I have had friends tell me (though not shed of all kindness) that my wrap up posts make them feel inadequate. To which I say: Lots of bloggers make me feel in adequate – enter Seth Godin who blogs every.single.day. And anyway, comparison is the thief of joy. If you are trying to reach specific marketing goals, your aspirations may need to be more lofty but if you just want to try this on, do your blog your own way. No need to write original content – curation of the internet is a gift. And no need to blog on a regular schedule – show up when you can.

14. Having lived through covid, I think the joy of hearing from diverse voices is even more potent. And if it doesn’t work out, again see #5.

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