Now for a completely different job…

This is a great piece on how you would go about securing a job in a completely different field. 

I am not a skilled career counsellor by any means but I do meet a fair number of people who are discouraged about where they have landed in their career and feel that they are too old or too poor or have too many responsibilities to significantly change their career paths for the better.

Though I have appreciated books that have helped me shift my perspective to one of seeing possibilities  and on the interplay between your identity of your search for meaningful work these are not for everyone.

In contrast, this piece is a practical, step-by-step analysis of how you might go about finding work in a field very different than the one you have trained in or worked in.  It is about seeing possibilities and looking at job posters as “resumes in reverse.”

The article gives clear tips on how to use LinkedIn to find experts who may be willing to grant you information interviews and how you can learn the basics of many jobs on your own steam. I like the explicit instruction that you’ll need to create time and keep yourself accountable to stay on track.  I often see people get discouraged after their efforts to land a job or make a change don’t bear fruit after a few months or a few interactions.

It’s a slog and I don’t have any metrics to help you understand how much and how long it is required but it is usually a longer journey than you’d initially hope.

If you really want to make a radical job move this piece is a good reminder that it could happen mostly on your own steam.

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