Brief: Make an Impact with Saying Less

This book was a decent read in the era of information overload.  As the author says, the most important commodity to a busy person is their time – don’t waste it.

The author focuses on the need to have three key things to tell a tight story:  a headline, a consistent narrative and a powerful conclusion.   It’ll be valuable to do a quick outline with your headline (focal point) and then lay out the challenge, the opportunity and the payoff.

Most helpfully to me was the instruction to start in the middle.  This helps articulate a struggle that I have had in giving feedback for years on why briefings aren’t working.  You lose an audience very quickly if you don’t jump in at what feels like the middle of the story and explain why the audience should care about what you are speaking about.

The book also has some good reminders to study all available information to avoid traveled ground – too many people start the briefing from the top and want to give a full picture of all the circumstances.  Instead you should focus on what you have to say to the audience that is different and valuable from what your audience already knows.




One thought on “Brief: Make an Impact with Saying Less

  1. I sent this excellent precise to a friend who was struggling to present a mass of research. Well said & useful. Rose

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