Be generous at work

theen moy

theen moy


A great article from a bit ago with useful tips on how to be generous at work.

I am doing a lot of reading on being generous this year and  am really enjoying Give and Take which makes the pitch for why the generous folks will get farthest in the work world.  I’ll circle back to that one when I am done but in the mean time, this article has practical tips on how to be generous.

Much of this resonates with me having shadowed an advisor to a senior executive in the past week.  What I gleaned from day was to continue my own efforts to be generous in the ways outlined in the article.  The generosity comes with no extra cost, just  a different focus and the optimism that these acts make for a better work culture.

Some of the suggestions:

*Make your boss’ life easier or better.

This can be a remarkably tough sell these days.  If you are seen to be sucking up or doing work that your boss should be doing anyway, why would you venture to try this?  I will generally err on the side of supports that will make everyone’s life easier because you are able to advance a file and free your team from doing reminders so they can focus on substantive work.

*Think about next steps so your boss (or board of directors) doesn’t have to.

*Lead with the punch line.  Again, can be a tough sell given how much speaking style vary but I do agree that this can help to preserve everyone’s time.

*Always ask if someone has a moment to speak.

*Assume collective responsibility for failure; assign individual praise for success.

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