Pinning Waves Upon the Sand

I love following this blog and I am a huge fan of using competencies to help bolster our performance reviews.

Canadian Government Executive Blog

I have written previously about how metrics are crucial in the world of performance management. Used well, they create a yardstick by which all employees are evaluated. The very act of measuring the right things can lead to better results.

Though we are reluctant to admit it, most managers do a poor job of objectively measuring performance. Observing and recording employee behaviour is hard work. We can’t watch every member of our team at all times. Our observations and memories drift toward the big wins and the big screwups. We focus on what’s easily measured rather than what’s most important. Keeping track of performance can feel like a herculean task!

The goal is to help every employee improve and grow. Employees can’t do that without good feedback from their manager. Managers, in turn, can’t provide good feedback without solid, objective metrics. Creating these measures doesn’t need to be complex…

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