working with what you have…

I haven’t been posting a lot lately so that I can take the time to embrace the Ottawa summer – short but intensely lovely with lots of festivals.

I spent part of this week at the Jazz Festival and enjoyed the headline show last night with Aretha Franklin. The Queen of Soul is now 72 and brought her lovely voice to adoring Ottawa fans. It was a sold out show on a beautiful night. At one point the headliner left the stage unexpectedly. The band stopped the song mid-way and and quickly and fairly seamlessly switched to an instrumental number. At one point the bandleader said, Aretha had gone back to check the soccer scores. Then we were treated to an impromptu song from Bobby McFerrin’s daughter, Madison.

It was a great reminder that when things go sideways, they need not be catastrophic. In this case, the impromptu break was covered with grace and professionalism and we were thrilled when Aretha returned to the stage to finish the show.

The public service’s core competencies include flexibility and this was a great example of how to pull that off.

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