On the search for people with issues they’d like to resolve…

As some of you know, I completed an intensive coaching course last year with a well-respected school.

l am on the hunt for coaching clients as I work toward securing more hours to get a designation as a certified coach. For the run up to my certification, I am charging $2 per hour.

There is no ideal candidate beyond someone who has an issue that they are trying to resolve or advance in the short/medium term and someone willing to spend some time in reflection mode to think about an issue and work toward solutions. This won’t be a process of advice giving or mentoring much as I love doing both.

I’d suggest that a commitment of two to three sessions will work better than a one off, but that is not to say, you shouldn’t feel utterly free to move on after an initial session if this process isn’t for you (or the match isn’t good between you and I – I can try and make a referral if so).

Most coaching seems to happy via Skype or Face time or over the phone so geography isn’t so much of an issue.

You can email me via the blog if you are interested or would like more information.



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