Getting good at receiving feedback

(c) Doran

Douglas Stone: The Importance Of Feedback In Business Communications.

Look forward to reading this new book called “Thanks for the Feedback” by Douglas Stone, the fellow who wrote one of my bibles:  “Difficult Conversations.”

According to this interview, the book counsels the need to learn to receive feedback as a skill.

Some examples of things to try: We are programmed to shut down when we feel we are being treated unfairly and this makes it impossible to receive even legitimate feedback.   Though a legitimate evolutionary flight or flight response, we’d be advised to learn to filter so that we can hear through the other noise.

As well, a good suggestion that if we want to ask for feedback, we’d be better off to frame this request as to what it could mean for the good of the organization not just our personal development to have a better shot at receiving the feedback.


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