Nine Unseen Qualities That Create Exceptional Leaders | LinkedIn

Nine Unseen Qualities That Create Exceptional Leaders | LinkedIn.

Lots of good stuff here that is off the beaten path of many leadership articles.

A few nuggets:

They forgive… and they forget.

“When an employee makes a mistake — especially a major mistake — it’s easy to forever judge that employee by that one mistake. (I know. I’ve done it.)

But one mistake, or one weakness, is just one part of a whole person. ”

They look past the action to find the emotion and motivation.

“Sometimes employees make mistakes. Sometimes they simply do the wrong thing. Sometimes they take over projects or roles without approval or justification. […]

When that happens, it’s easy to assume that employee doesn’t listen or doesn’t care. But almost always there’s a deeper reason: he feel stifled, he may feel he has no control, he may feel marginalized or frustrated — or maybe he is just trying to find a sense of meaning in his work that pay rates and titles can never provide.

Effective bosses deal with actions. Great bosses search for the underlying issues that, when overcome, lead to much bigger changes for the better.”

They make fewer public decisions.

“Decisiveness is a quality of a good leader. Great leaders are sometimes decisive in a different way: they decide they aren’t the right person to make the decision and then decide who is the right person.

They do that not because they want to avoid making those decisions… but because they know they shouldn’t make those decisions.”

They allow employees to learn their own lessons.

“It’s easy for a leader to debrief an employee and turn a teachable moment into a lesson learned. It’s a lot harder to let employees learn their own lessons, even though the lessons we learn on our own are the lessons we remember forever. […]

Why? Great employees don’t need to be scolded or reprimanded. They know what they did wrong.”


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