Design: realizing the image in my head

A reblog of a different flavour than I normally post here as it appears to be about the genesis of a hair cut but stay with me here. I am a huge fan of design thinking and what I love about this article is the deliberate work done to break down how to give direction in a particular setting and to explain the ideas in your head. In short: Find examples. Not too many as that gets muddy. Figure out what works and what does’t work. Pick two or three of each. Again, keep it from getting muddy. Finally, let the process generate its own product. I have lots to learn about how to create a similar process for feedback in my world.


As a designer, I’m always interested in moments that help me understand what it’s like to be a client. I’ve mentioned it before. Like when I was preparing the as-built drawings for my parents to do some renovations to my childhood home. I understood the disorientation many clients seem to have when they see their home on paper.

A recent experience has helped me gain perspective on another frustrating part of the designer/client interaction: inspiration photos, accessing the image they have in their head, and helping them to understand that image.

A big challenge for every client is describing the image they have in their head.
A big challenge for every designer is understanding the image in their client’s head.
The biggest challenge for both is accepting that no image in anyone’s head, neither the client’s nor the designer’s, is what the final design is going to be.


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