The perils of “going under” your manager’s head | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs

The perils of “going under” your manager’s head | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs.

A good piece on a topic that isn’t discussed too much in the literature in my experience –  the open door policy used in a way that undercuts direct report managers below you.

The piece has good suggestions on how to stickhandle this if you are the superior boss who wants to be accessible at any level. Nothing earthshattering but, a useful reminder that there are options.

“Does this mean a manager can’t talk with anyone in their organizations other than their direct reports? Of course not. By all means, get out of your office and spend time in the field, asking questions and listening to those on the front lines and on the shop floor. Just don’t make promises without consulting with your management team. Ask them if they have spoken to their own boss, and if not, encourage them to do so. Make a note, and if it’s OK with the person, let them know you’ll be reviewing their concern or idea with their boss as well.”


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