Saturday Link Pack – August 31, 2013

(c) sharkbait

Saturday link pack

Don’t write off the coaching style of leadership – it’s short term pain for long term gain but only if everyone is up for it.

Learning to deal with uncertainty

A good article on the need to advance things with less than full certainty – a key competency.  I liked the bits that also spoke to the need to be confident and manage your own stress so that you are resilient in the face of uncertainty.

How to manage someone you don’t like 

Related to this recent piece I posted, a good article from the Harvard Business Review on how to manage people you don’t like.

A good piece which highlights the benefits of working with people who aren’t like you and could be well placed to challenge your approaches for the ultimate benefit of the organization.  The article gives very useful, practical tips including seek out the positive, and ensure that you treat all employees with the same hand during evaluations – seek an outside perspective if needed.


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