When your colleagues get on your nerves…

Toxic chemistry at work? Here’s a fix-it formula – The Globe and Mail.

Interesting article from the Globe from last year though I found the title mis-leading – the article is less about a toxic workplace but rather what to do when colleagues get on your nerves because of their personal habits.

To give a flavour from the article the list of grievances might include: talking too loud on the phone, taking too long to get to the point and talking too much.

The author makes a range of fair points in considering what might be annoying personal habits versus actual problems in the workplace.

Bottom line, does the behaviour in question affect performance of the employee or of other members of the team?  If not, you have to take a hard look at whether the problem is actually something worth addressing.

If yes, the article lays out some common sense approaches including speaking to the person with suggestions to change their behaviour because of its effect on the team and being conscious of hitting someone’s buttons.

On the other hand, it may be worth addressing on some level but the behaviour may not be on the table for changing – either you learn to live with it or you move on.

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