Embracing the understudy role

This past weekend was the marathon race in Ottawa.  This isn’t an event I follow closely despite my admiration for all the participants.

One story at the margin caught my attention though – I really enjoyed learning about the great finish for the pacesetter for the elite runners in the men’s marathon.  Luka Rotich was hired by the race sponsor to keep pace for the first 30 or 35 kilometres and then free to do as he wished – quit running or finish the race.  He chose the latter and finished second.

I liked the reminder that you can sign up for a supporting role and sooner or later, you can have your moment in the sunlight as thanks for your efforts.  In this case, the pacesetter nearly upstaged the other runners.  If you want to read more about the race result, you can do so here.


2 thoughts on “Embracing the understudy role

  1. Interesting to think about the concept of a “pacesetter” guiding a group to help them all get to the finish line in an office or academic workplace. Could this reduce competition? High achievers are often seen as anomalies. It would be better to see them as helping a entire group reach their goals. Reminds me of how my mother and her friends played Scrabble, aiming for a collective high score instead of individual high scores.

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