Pray that nothing changes, ever

A good piece quoted on a blog I follow regularly called the Mistake Bank.

While you are licking your wounds from a setback, three strategies are offered, the last of which resonated the most with me.

1) Recognize that there’s no correct way or time to manage disappointment. […] “Don’t feel compelled to pull someone out of their misery prematurely or to ask someone to tone down their Pollyanna approach that rubs you the wrong way.”

2) Assume that you have something to learn from this setback.

And my favourite…

3) Don’t shrink your goals to avoid future disappointment. […] “When we set a low bar for ourselves as a way to feel safe and even victorious when we achieve those small objectives, we deprive ourselves, our companies, and the world of our excellence and brilliance. Now that’s the real disappointment.”

via How To Bounce Back Stronger After You Blow It At Work | Fast Company | Business + Innovation


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