Relax! You’ll Be More Productive –

Relax! You’ll Be More Productive –

A great forward (please keep them coming) written by one of my favourite bloggers for the Harvard Business Review, Tony Schwartz.

The gist of what he wants us to know is this:

“A new and growing body of multidisciplinary research shows that strategic renewal — including daytime workouts, short afternoon naps, longer sleep hours, more time away from the office and longer, more frequent vacations — boosts productivity, job performance and, of course, health.”

While we should building in renewal cycles we do the opposite:

“As athletes understand especially well, the greater the performance demand, the greater the need for renewal. When we’re under pressure, however, most of us experience the opposite impulse: to push harder rather than rest. This may explain why a recent survey by Harris Interactive found that Americans left an average of 9.2 vacation days unused in 2012 — up from 6.2 days in 2011.”

This opinion pieces lays out, with links to the research, why more frequent breaks make us better workers.  He cites the example of how he changed his approach to writing his books from writing 10 hours a day to working in 90 minute bursts to dramatically shorten the time it took to write.


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