bits and pieces

(c) clarism4

Some bit and pieces that I’ve heard or observed  from the past few weeks:

1) Saying “thank you” is not spam.

2) Taking five minutes to change your voice mail remains an important out-of-office ritual. When it is really urgent, they will call. And wait.

3) Asking for help is often an activity that ends well.

4) When sending emails up the line ask over and over again is this “nice to know” or “need to know”?

5) If you are gearing up for a second shift at work, be honest with the answer to the question: “Does this really need to be done today?”

6) Manage your lateness.  I was late for a meeting last week and really ticked the person off that I was due to meet.  She cancelled the meeting and I was deprived of an opportunity. Funny thing is, I am an “on time” person and would rarely let this happen but I let my guard down and lacked the courage to say  clearly to a superior that I had to wrap up a meeting.  I have to send myself back to the farm team on this one:

– Signal to those who may be waiting that you are running late if you possibly can.

– Apologize when you miss the boat – everybody’s time is valuable.

– Call it early when you know that you have to leave at a particular time. Practice strategies when it is difficult to end a meeting including plan for a follow-up meeting to continue the conversation.

7) Embrace the beginner’s mind:  A gem which captures the idea shared by a classmate during a discussion on mastery: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” – Zen Master Shunryo Suzuki


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