Five self-defeating behaviours

Five self-defeating behaviours that ruin companies and careers 

A good article on behaviours to avoid with an easy “fix” – just get over yourself.  Humility and a focus on service to important larger values, will keep you on the right side of many of these dangerous behaviours.

Demanding a bigger share of a shrinking pie

This would include asking for promotions during times of downsizing.

Getting angry

To quote – though the author states what might seem obvious, it bears repeating. “Anger and blame are unproductive emotions” and “Angry words leave a long trail.”

Giving in to mission creep

Adding without subtracting

“A related form of self-defeat is to allow bloat. Adding new items without subtracting old ones is how closets get cluttered, bureaucracies expand, workloads grow out of control, national budgets go into deficit, and people get fat. It takes discipline to cut or consolidate some things for every one added. Too often that discipline is missing.”
Thinking you’ll get away with it

“It” would be whatever unethical behaviour you wish to insert here.


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