Seth’s Blog: I know what you should do

Seth’s Blog: I know what you should do.

More good stuff from Seth Godin. His point here – no we don’t know what other people should do, we only know what we would do in the same situation. He links this to empathy and I’ll make another connection to things going on in my life.

As those close to me know, I am embarking on a significant training undertaking over the next few months to learn about the disciple of being a management coach.  Much of the practice is the leap of faith that, in many instances, we can support people to finding their own ways out of dilemmas, situations etc.  While this won’t be the case all the time – there will be urgent situations, there will be situations where a lack of information is the issue – I am looking forward to exploring the limits of this empowering presumption in the coming months.


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