Oversharing Part II

In the second post on the theme of “less is more”, a link to a blog post that summarizes a key point in Marshall Goldsmith’s book “What got you here, won’t get you there: How successful people become even more successful.”

The author makes the link between the unintended disconnect between the desire of some managers to add value who then unwittingly decrease engagement.

He recounts how an employee might bring a great idea to the manager and the manager may “[R]ather than saying ‘great idea’, — being the brilliant, technically gifted person I am, I may well say, ‘That is a very good idea. Why don’t you add this to it?’ “

He posits that the quality of the idea may go up 5% with the suggestions, but that the commitment to its execution may go down by 50% because it is no longer the employee’s idea because the manager has made it their idea.

This might be hard to stomach for some as it may be a knock on their own identity as managers.  However, there is much other value that can be added by managers that won’t run as much risk of decreasing engagement, including advocacy for employees’ ideas.

When Should You Keep Your Ideas to Yourself? – Marshall Goldsmith.

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