The Corner Office: You’re in my sandbox


The Corner Office: Type A to Type B

Another great chapter from the Corner Office which I have discussed here and here.  This latest chapter is called “Type A to B.”  Basic premise here is that though a lot of “Type A” traits will get you to the corner office, they won’t necessarily serve you as well once you get there.  Every strength taken to an extreme becomes a weakness.  To quote what one leader was gently told:   “You’re in my sandbox and we’re not accomplishing a lot being in here together”

 What Adam Bryant says on pulling back, one of the main moves to get to a type B:

– See the value in pulling back and listening more and not dominating every conversation and meeting

– While there is a need to create urgency, there is also a need to slow down to get more out of the people around you.

– Developing people means not doing everything for employees.  Let employees stub their toes occasionally

And on a practical level, suggestions from the leaders he has interviewed:

– Have a five-second tape delay before you weigh in.

– Be a selective micromanager.

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