Productivity tips from 5 people who do plenty | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs

Productivity tips from 5 people who do plenty | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs.

A good short list with some useful reminders which is a summary from a New York Times Small Business Summit.

Do less

Though it sounds counter-intuitive, you don’t want to confuse being busy with accomplishing things.   “Multitasking fries your brain.”

Categorize your days

The basic premise here is to try to chunk out your time to get one activity or type of activity done so you don’t waste energy switching from one type of task to another.

Embrace imperfection

To quote “When we obsess over perfection, that’s where the stress comes in.”  They talk of an assessment of “good enough” for things that don’t have to be perfect.

Be smart about checking tech

Some very pointed suggestions here which may not work in all environments – “Never ever, ever check” your e-mail, voice mail, social media feeds or other forms of electronic communication first thing in the morning…It will totally derail your day” and send you down a wormhole of busyness where you won’t actually be productive.

I agree with the underlying recommendation – if we are checking email every few minutes, how much are we really able to accomplish in the interim so how much is enough.

Change in five-minute increments

Bottom line here, make a change each month that could save you 5 minutes a day instead of planning to overhaul your work habits overnight.

Take advantage of time-saving tools

Relating to one above, they have some suggested tools to assist – a couple of which I have reproduced here.

  • Evernote, which allows you to take searchable notes in a variety of formats that you can share and access from all your devices.
  • Tungle.Me, which helps you find a time to meet, instead of going back and forth with everyone involved to find a mutually agreeable time. I’ve also used which accomplish the same thing – usually a leg up on endless emails.
  • Oh Don’t Forget, which lets you send text reminders to yourself and others.

Make a plan to manage social media

“You need to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish with social media and then dedicate your time to that goal…make a plan and stick to it.”


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