Most mistakes can be corrected

So one of my mottos is that “Most mistakes can be corrected”  I learned it from an ex-colleague and have found it to be true in the vein of this post.  Today I got to remind myself of this gem.

So yesterday I thought I would do a bit of “clean up “of my list of posts.  The way wordpress “helps” you manage them leaves a bit to be desired in my opinion. They are all listed together – published, drafts – and you can sort out drafts but where is the archive function I wondered.  No matter, there is a way that you can bulk delete posts so I deleted all my published posts to clean things up a bit.  And went to the site today and, poof. No more blog. Well a skeleton of a blog with an ominous looking statement and a search box that said “What you are looking for isn’t here.”

Many things went through my mind including a quote from the brilliant book/dvd “The Art of Possibility” where they counsel that you should say “interesting…” in these situations.  I realized that I could re-start the blog afresh with no archives (and debate reposting lost stuff)   and it wouldn’t be the end of the world – it just wasn’t my desired option.

But then, my stubborn gene kicked in and I thought that I would look into some kind of “undelete” function.  Well happily it exists in the trash in the form of a “restore” button.  So I restored the blog bit by bit.  Hurray. And another hurray for smart, fool-resistant, design.  In fact, it takes two actions to delete your whole blog  – a delete, and a delete permanently.   I say again, most mistakes can be corrected.

To all of you that I spammed, re-posting my content, I sincerely apologize.  I always try to learn from my mistakes and this one is in the books.


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