How to get your team to speak up

(c) Stephen Dagnall

How to get your team to speak up

This article speaks about how to create space for the delicate art of “push back” when employees need to communicate that a current plan doesn’t appear viable.

  1. Lose the pep talk.
  2. Don’t mistake silence for agreement. Check the body language.
  3. Show them it’s OK to say “No.”  They state: “Modeling that you are willing to prioritize helps your team see that they can come forward and push back.”
  4. Learn to ask prioritizing questions Phrases like “What are we going to take off the list to make room for this new task?” and “Is there a different way we can approach this and still meet our objectives?” will go a long way to showing your team that you are not “out to lunch” when it comes to understanding their challenges.”
  5. Ask for pushbackAnd then reward it. “… even if it’s misguided or poorly worded. You want to reward the act of speaking up.”

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