10 Reasons It’s Hard to Be the Boss | The QuickBase Blog

10 Reasons It’s Hard to Be the Boss | The QuickBase Blog.

This is another post from Allison Green – a great business blogger.

This one again hits the mark and again her commentary is worth the extra time if you take the time to take the link above.

1. You have to make decisions people don’t like.

2. You have to tell people when they’re not doing a good job.

3. When things go wrong, you’re the person who gets blamed.

4. Your decisions have high stakes.

5. You have to enforce rules you might not always agree with.

6. People bring you ridiculous or awkward complaints.

7. You need to give up some workplace friendships.

8. You’re being watched and scrutinized.

9. You might need to let people go.

10. Some people just won’t like you. 

Ones I might add:

11. The buck stops with you – if people on your team aren’t able to deliver for any reason, you have to be prepared to get the job done.

12.  The dance of stepping into a file to get involved in the details and stepping out of peoples’ way to let specialists get the job done is a delicate and imperfect one.

13.  There are no formulae – each person needs to be managed differently based on their particular skills, personalities, values etc.

14. It  can be hard to get feedback on your performance from your own team members, in part because of the power imbalance.

15. Some days the cheese stands alone. You may have times in your career where you don’t have manager colleagues to rely upon for advice, commiseration etc.

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