7 Ways Bosses Annoy Employees – On Careers (usnews.com)

7 Ways Bosses Annoy Employees – On Careers (usnews.com).

This is a brilliant follow-up to the article discussed earlier called “Twelve Ways to Make Your Boss Love You.”  This one on how bosses annoy employees is bang on even if it made me squirm at times.

Here is the list though the full post is worth a read.

1. Making social events unofficially required.

2. Pressuring employees to donate to charity.

3. Calling employees who are on vacation.

4. Holding endless meetings.

5. Not making hard decisions.

6. Delegating without truly delegating.

7. Hinting, rather than speaking straightforwardly.

I’ve gotten better at asking for and receiving feedback and would add a few more from my experiences.

  • Expecting employees to mind-read about what they need and then being frustrated at the products they receive.
  • Assuming that they are managing themselves (Everyone is a morning person right?).
  • Giving the direction to the whole team on some problem issue because you don’t want to tell the one person with which there is an issue.
  • Making people feel that you are always in a rush and don’t really have time to speak to them. (And then wondering why you don’t get the products you want with half baked instructions).

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