How to Build Resilience « The Talent Code


How to Build Resilience « The Talent Code.

This article is a great find for me for a few reasons.

Firstly,  I think “resilience” – what I would call, the ability to bounce back and what Daniel Coyne, the author of this piece calls, keeping your emotions under control –  is becoming a core competency for both managers and employees alike.  However, on the occasion when I want to ask someone to work on their “resilience” I come up short as to exactly how that might work and this piece lays out one approach for improving resilience.

This article makes a deliberate shift to focusing on something the author calls “pre-silience” or getting yourself ready for stress so that can you can better cope with it when it arises.

This author lays out a process useful for those who repeatedly find themselves in situations requiring resilience including athletes, those giving presentations etc.

  • Pre-create the stressful situation. [I love this quote “It’s not enough to imagine it vaguely.”]
  • No stopping allowed [after the performance starts, “endure it completely”]
  • Repeat. Then repeat again. And again.

The other reason this article is a great find is for me is that it is timely because this week a few of us are are being trained to do media interviews at work. If you don’t care for public speaking this is quite a challenge since they film you, ask difficult, well-researched questions on complex material (that you apparently know well), bait you into to doing things they have specifically asked you not to etc.

Bottom line, they are trying to get us ready for “game day” by making us go through real life scenarios to prepare.  They followed this formula to a “T” and they promise us that the actual briefings should be a cake walk.  With luck I won’t have to find out for myself.

photo (c) Derek T. Green


One thought on “How to Build Resilience « The Talent Code

  1. Have used visualization (pre-creation) and find it effective. And it literally means visualizing yourself literally in the situation, with all the key details and atmospherics, to work.

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