5 Tips for Making the Most of a Conference :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

I am fortunate to be attending the Public Service National Managers’ Community Professional Development Forum next week.

As the post below notes, conferences should be a worthwhile investment for all involved given that we are off our jobs.  This particular conference is first class and has innovative ways of building in learning beyond the conference.

In addition, the article below offers good general tips to make the most of any conference.

5 Tips for Making the Most of a Conference :: Tips :: The 99 Percent.

They suggest:

1) Separating wisdom from action

2) Distilling each talk into one takeaway

3) Defying structure to mine the circumstantial (continue a great conversation and be late to the opening remarks if that’s what makes sense).

4) Planning gatherings with like-minded folks

5) Processing business cards for follow-up in real time (note on each card what the follow-up will be).

Give that reporting out from the conference is a way to give back to the organization and to prompt you to remember what commitments you made flowing from it, I try to provide at least a high level summary for colleagues when I return to the office.

I located my highest level notes from the 2010 conference and this is what I gleaned (and I still think about many of these takeaways).

  • Once a day, catch someone doing something right
  • Consider starting a “rumour wall” where people can anonymously leave concerns (if we are willing to respond)
  • Fearless advice, loyal implementation
  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good
  • Honour the job that you have before you begin looking for the next promotion
  • Relationship with “local” manager makes all the difference with employee engagement
  •  Intelligent risk should be supported no matter what the outcome.

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