Learning To Be A Power Listener | Fast Company



Learning To Be A Power Listener | Fast Company.

A great article on the various (terrible) forms we take when we act as poor listeners.  It’s ideas are drawn from a book called “Power Listening: Mastering the most criitial business skill of all” by Bernard Ferrarri.

They start out with explaining how not listening impedes our progress.

“In business, the consequences of failing to properly frame or assess an issue can be dire. Often such a misdiagnosis is the result of not having the right information. Though the necessary information is often available, businesspeople sometimes don’t know how to find it or don’t see it in front of them. The reason? Poor listening skills”

The author lays out six listening “archetypes.”  Though far from flattering, if you can even remotely see yourself in some of them (he acknowledges that no one is purely one or another and you shift based on the situation), it’s useful learning.  Some of the examples:

Opinionator – listens only to shore up their own arguments.

The Grouch – proceeds with the belief that your ideas are wrong

The Preambler – uses long lead-ins that are actually stealth speeches

Answer man – gives answers even before consensus is reached.


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