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If your employees are idiots, you’re the one to blame

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letter to a new manager:

This is a fantastic article – I couldn’t say it better myself. The only thing that I would add is the reminder of how awful it feels when you know you are not performing well at your job and how much worse that it will feel if you feel that you have been “written off” in the work world.

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During workshops and talks I’m often asked about what to do when you’ve hired someone who just isn’t measuring up.

Sometimes people actually tell me the person they hired is an idiot.

I tell people don’t be so hard on yourself. They get a bit of a surprised look on their face because they didn’t intend to be hard on themselves. They intended to point out that in their wisdom they, apparently for some reason, purposefully hired an idiot.

The first problem of course is thinking that one of your people is an idiot. Once one of your people knows your low opinion of them they are unlikely to exceed your low expectations. Never ask or expect less from your people than you need or want them to deliver.

I believe that leadership comes with certain responsibilities. If you actually have the audacity and courage to accept the mantle of…

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How to give your boss negative feedback and not get fired |

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How to give your boss negative feedback and not get fired |.

Some good bits of advice here including:

- choose your battles wisely

- bear in mind that there are things that neither you or your boss has control over that affect the work environment

- avoid being negative/try to bring solutions

And if you need a refresher on the “why bother” element of giving your boss feedback, you can check out this piece that I wrote a while back.



Ten ways to do what you don’t want to do

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a great article which hits at many reasons to push through things that suck.

There is nothing new here but the list is bang on.

Including:  do a bit then quit and give yourself constraints. embrace the suck – hard things require work, meditate on why you need to do this and embrace gratitude – I have a job and a roof over my head.


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